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About SunQue
We are a leading supplier and manufacturer of computer USB series products , located in Shenzhen, China . Established in 1999, SunQue is always aiming at philosophy of “Beyonding, Striving, Innovating”, which helps SunQue develop greatly, earning more and more trust and cooperation from our clients.
Beyonding: We set a goal every month, every year for step by step developing.  We look at the history and foresee the future developing tendency of the products field.  Our products, quality, and service have to beyond what clients can expect.
Striving: Our teams are working with passion and endeavors. We have good spirits to supply our clients.
Innovating: SunQue is keen at new technologies and science products. We develop new products every month. Also we source novelty and good products to meet our clients’ needs.
Our Products
Our factory takes 2000 square meters and produce USB flash drive, USB gadgets, wireless presenter, USB Christmas gifts, USB travel kit, USB fan&light, USB hub, USB mouse, USB mini speakers, webcam, digital photo frame, Wifi seekers, etc.  For the years, our teams are strictly developing good and new products to meet our clients’ requirements.
Products Quality: Supplying the best products with controlled good quality is our living and developing rule. We have good QC process to make sure that our products meet clients' requirements.
Products Orientation: We have eagerly sight to catch the world trendy and continuously to develop novelty and useful products for clients.  Also, clients’ design and OEM products are welcome.
Price: We try hard to cut down price from materials sourcing, production and transportation.  So our price is comparatively low and much competitive in the field for our clients.
Customers Support
We offer our utmost supports to customers. Over at SunQue, all business, big or small, warrants our full attention and service.
Fast Delivery: We warrant to fast delivery for your order, especially for less of stock or urgent promotional purpose.
Sourcing: Can’t find the products you are looking for? We are located in Shenzhen, which is the electronic hub in the southeast of China . With our ten years of experience in this field, we can help to source the products our clients are looking for or customize tool it.
After Sales Service: All our products are under one-year warranty.  If products have any problem, except accident, human fault or improper use, we can give you new items directly and ship to you with the next order, or you collect the faulty products and send to us for repairing or we compensate for the faulty products with mutual negotiation.
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