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Please send both Chinese and English Resumes to
Customs specialist(1)
Job description:
1.    Make relative document for import/export processes.
2.    Connect with relative department in-company and oversea subsidiary.
3.    Import/export customs declare via normal trade.
4.    Inspection procedures for Import/Export.
5.    Apply customs handbook, monthly report, and balance.
6.    Deal with the cargo checked by customs at port.
1.    Familiar with the procedure of I/E and inspection, especially the customs’ department flow in Nantou customs.
2.  Have / able to build a good relationship with customs officer.
3.   Ccustoms specialist qualification and inspection certification will be prefer.
4.    Diploma plus.
5.    Over two years relative working experience in multinational electrical industry.    

6.    Good English skill. Please send both English & Chinese resume.

International Sales(2)
1. Excellent ability in customer exploration/business development.
2. Fluent English listening, speaking and writing skills.
3. Good computer skills, familiar with E-business and network practice.
4. Grasp of Foreign Trade knowledge. Have practical relevant experience.
5. At least 2 years international sales experiences.
6. Priority for the person who has foreign trade experience in relating industry of electronic products, and priority for the person who has customer resources.
7. Bachelor degree, major in international trade/English/international business
8. CET6 or above.
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